March 7, 2015

A Look Back In Time


        I hate that word.

                 It is such a qualifier; a limiter.

     Why do we feel that we have to put a time on everything? From the year, month, day, hour, minute, second...where does it stop?  I have always stated that TIME, the word and the all-encompassing restraints those 4-letters put on our lives, is a product of the human mind.

     We are scientific beings, whether you want to blame evolution or God, or some other COSMIC entity for this, the fact remains that we see things in terms of symbols and identifiers. The only thing that is different among us is the language and communication we apply to those symbols.

  • On an extremely elementary level, we are told from day one that an apple is an apple. Then from that point forward, we always associate that symbol with the word/concept/idea of an "apple." But, how can we possibly know, in any realm of our current state of consciousness, that an apple was meant to be interpreted as such? 
     This is a hard concept to grasp, because we have been socialized from a very young age to see symbols in certain ways. [I use the world symbols here because "things" itself is even a questionable label | It can be synonymous with "concepts" if you will.] So these associations...these quantifiable identifiers we apply to the universe's  symbols and concepts become products of MAN. Time is no exception. We were faced with the unavoidable fate of growing old and dying. We just HAD to quantify and identify this seemingly unfortunate aspect of our lives.

     Once we are able to separate ourselves from the products of mankind [as such, we are all animals, are we not?] can we truly begin to break down this evil and damning concept of time.

     I look back 10+ years...what were my interests...what were my goals...shit, did I even HAVE any at that age? Should I have? If I did, would these have any factor in the person I am today, or would this have any effect on where I am at today?

My question is much simpler...does it even matter?

     Everything that happened in the so called PAST, actually happened in the PRESENT. There is no such thing as the past, there is no such thing as "tomorrow," there is only NOW. NOW. N.O.W.
     To put it simply, our perception and interpretation of the PRESENT, is much like our interpretation of the proverbial "apple." It has been placed upon us by MAN. I truly feel that man is meant for greater states of consciousness than the one physically IMPOSED upon us by either TV, Social Media, the Internet (ironically) and various other 21st Century Murderers...

    The idea I am reaching here is transcendence.  Again, another quantifier. Perhaps the old adage holds true that "words simply cannot describe this." Words, were in fact written down by man's hand and have only be perpetuated, renewed and revised as the evolution of technology and language necessitates it.

So, looking back 10 years, am I truly looking back 10 years? 

The answer is NO. I am looking at NOW. Those (and past tense is used strictly for grammatical correctness here) decisions made, the relations broken, the missed opportunities...they are all from the NOW. If we are a product of what we have done. Can we change if we are disappointed with the way our lives are progressing in the current state of consciousness? Absolutely, but my firm belief is that it can only be done in the N.O.W. because that is all we have, are and am. The NOW.

     I look at people I used to talk to and have since lost touch with and ask myself, "what happened?" Why did I decide to say no to that one question? Why did I say yes to the other. Why did I stay home instead of going get the idea. At least I hope you do...

By reaching a new level of consciousness, you realize that all of these "choices" have been made in the present.

Do I fear TIME?

No. I fear the implications of the word. The false sense of security it can award you and the degenerative qualities as well. It encases mankind. Tells us that we only have so much TIME to do things.


Certainly, at the cosmic level, there is an progression, an evolution of the mind, and evolution of consciousness; however, we INVENTED the word, the symbol and have only attributed negativity to it from that moment forward.

Am I upset about this?

No, because there is always an escape. There is a promised land in each of us that allows us to remove ourselves from break the chains.

Think of a moment in your life where you simply lost TIME. And, I mean LOST TIME. Not simply track of it, but you were unknowingly purged of the man-made idea of it.  It was only when you realized what "time" it was on a clock that you were brought back into this false, deceitful realm of consciousness.


Everything that occurred in that moment happened in the NOW. Not the past... TIME stopped. The Word stopped and the negative effect of such stopped. You aged in that moment...the man-made clock that rules our lives sitting on your bedside table; hanging on the wall, strapped around your wrist or in your pocket on your phone, kept on ticking, tick-tok, tick-tok...That cannot be argued, but the actual awareness was GONE.

This is how every moment should be lived. 

Yes, we live in a civilization where TIME is a factor and TIME is almost God-like ruler in a sense. We have responsibilities...There is a balance, but one day I do hope that all of mankind can transcend beyond the veil of deception and into a new consciousnesses consisting only of the N.O.W.

I leave you with a painting.


- J.P. Bartolomeo -

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